20's Plenty for Broadwindsor



Welcome to 20s Plenty for Broadwindsor

Our aim is for Broadwindsor Village to have a 20mph default speed limit where people live.


Since the closure of Beaminster Tunnel, the traffic in and around the village has increased in size and speed.


We would like to ensure that everyone in our lovely village is protected from traffic especially as we have few and narrow pavements.


We should all be able to walk to school, meet in the pub and pop to the great new community store safely without dodging speeding vehicles.


Why?- 95% reduction in risk to walkers and cyclists - Also more walking and cycling, less pollution, less noise, less fear and a better quality of life.




We are a local group of 20's plenty for Us, the national vountary organisation that supports communities who want lower speed limits on their streets



Why 20mph? a 4 min video

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